Romance Writer

Red L. Jameson

It was an accident, looking at my husband’s phone when he had a text. Just a split second of time, and all my worst fears were confirmed. My life, my marriage, my husband—is it all a lie?

When I stumble into a circus-act of people—all juggling their own broken hearts, tightrope walking their own bitter ironies—I face the hardest question of all: Who am I? Everyone sacrifices for their loved ones. Everyone gives up their dreams…right?

As my husband rescues me from an act gone bad, I can’t help but wonder what he’s given up and if our sacrifices made our love or broke it. 


​"Mabel and Harrison are young, married, wildly in love…except that Mabel has serious self-doubt. When she inadvertently intercepts a text from one of Harrison’s friends (read the story to find out how that happens), she begins to doubt the stability of her marriage. I can’t recap the story because it is gently woven with ups, downs, craziness, and a foreign-speaking stylist (really!) that showcases what I consider a touching, warming story of love..." -gds, Amazon Review

The Sacrifice is available in the Steamy & Dreamy boxed set.