“I really enjoyed this book and have read this author in the past she does not ever disappoint. She has a style of writing that is all her own. She makes her characters very relatable and makes you want to root for them and also makes you fall in love with them because we all have struggles in our lives.” –romanceaholic, Amazon Review 

“she's [sic] pregnant with a child who's father is deceased. She goes to Yellowstone National Park to take a break and to think she meets two sailors who are awesome they help her out after she slides into a snow bank Jay and H takes care of her and they build a poly relationship. They take their time in building trust and love.... This book was HOT” -Christine Campbell, Amazon Review 

“Dee looks as though she should have the perfect life, but she has deep problems with both her family and her career, not to mention that she's still adjusting to her pregnancy. Determined to come up with a plan on all the recent changes she's experienced, she heads to Yellowstone to do some serious thinking. But fate steps in and throws her a curve ball - or two - in the form of H and Jay, super sexy ex-Navy Seals whose instincts to protect go on high alert when they meet Dee. What a wonderful fantasy with complex characters and unexpected surprises. The story wouldn't let me go!” L. Williams, Amazon Review


**Book 2 of the Wild Love Series, an erotic romance** 

And alone.
My worst nightmare becomes my greatest blessing. 

Together, they rescued me, literally saved me from a snowy disaster. Both of them—with their tenderness and compassion. But it's their Navy SEAL, iron-tough, and tattooed bodies that have me wanting more—wanting them. They've transformed me, while I awakened them—showed them the beauty of what could be. 

Two months ago, I would've chosen one, seduced him like only I know how. But that was two months ago, and so much has changed. I can't tell them about the baby. I couldn't bear it if they walked away—out of my life.  

I'll have to tell them. This can't continue. They both want me, and my resistance is waning.  I want what I want—and I want them. 

Both of them.

 The Wild Love Series is set in Wyoming and Montana, where things are little more…wild, where love can never tamed. Each book within the series can be read as a standalone and intended for a mature and adventurous reader. Enjoy and fall in love!

Romance Writer

Red L. Jameson