The Wild Love Series

I am a rather eclectic reader and became an eclectic writer as well. Some of you found me through my Glimpse Time Travel Series, which is mainstream romance with lots of adventure, love, and mischievous, matchmaking muses. And don't worry about this series. :) I have plans for many more books to come. Some of you found me through my contemporary erotic romance writing, which is more thoughtful and deep, as well as obviously more sexual. Yowza. And there might be a few of you who found me through my historical pieces that are in journals and emagazines and/or through my genre-bending, paranormal-historical Immortal American Series. And lastly, some of you have found me because of my discouraged writing and/or writing craft articles. To all of you, welcome! I'm so grateful you have found me!  I hope you find what you're looking for and if not please contact me. Hugs!

Enemy of Mine

Stand Alone Stories

The Wild Love Series

Highlander of Mine
Cowboy of Mine

The first three books of the Wild Love Series are menage. 

A fantasy-military romance series.

Book 4, 5, & 6 of the Wild Love Series are M/F contemporary romance.

With These Wings Series

Duchess of Mine

The Glimpse Time Travel Series

Romance Writer

Red L. Jameson