Wee bit of trivia: This cover was supposed to be black and white like the first two in the series, but once I saw the female model's hair, I couldn't do that. 

Red L. Jameson


“Moira goes to leave and Joe walks her home...and doesn't leave. Moira is torn because Joe is younger than her and she is also attracted to his brother.
This book was a good fantasy book. It was nice to see Moira get her self esteem back and find out who she really is also.” –Sissy, Amazon Review 

“Such great stories....Good back ground pulling together something everyone can see when reading and be able to relate too.....Can not wait to read more by Miss Jameson!!!” –Therese E., Amazon Review 

“So when she met Joe she was unable to decide should she or shouldn't she. Then when you add Joe's older brother Shane to the mix things get even more exciting. But when you add an ex-husband and two small kids plus her friend Eva who just so happens to be Joe and Shane's mom...look out cause fireworks are going to fly! Throw in some hot sex and Hot Dang you have a GREAT BOOK! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great read and some hot sex! You won't regret it!” –Estella, Amazon Review

Romance Writer

**Book 3 of the Wild Love Series, an erotic romance** 

One, two, Secrets accrue; Three, four, Shame galore;
Five, six, Add two men to the mix; Seven, eight, My life’s about to disintegrate… 

Off-limits.  Forbidden. 
I shouldn't have slept with him.
Should never have fallen for him.
But I did—Secret #1 

And I'm drawn to someone else.
He wants me too. This time, I do have an ounce of willpower.
An ounce. 
But it’s waning, deteriorating quickly—Secret #2 

Two secrets—secrets that are tearing me apart.
And Secret #3 is the hardest to keep. 
I'm not the "good girl."
I'm not the "sweet one." 
I hide behind a mask—a mask of lies. 

But something within me is clawing the mask off.
Revealing the real me.
And my secrets.

 The Wild Love Series is set in Wyoming and Montana, where things are little more…wild, where love can never tamed. Each book within the series can be read as a standalone and intended for a mature and adventurous reader. Enjoy and fall in love!