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I'm part of the the blog hop from Paranormal Love Wednesdays! Below is an tiny excerpt from Duchess of Mine, my latest release, and under that are links to where you can find the book. In this excerpt, Michael Cameron is trying to shield Gabby Murray from Detective Geyer's notice. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and please don't forget to return to the Blog Hop, where you can read many other amazing excerpts! 

Michael had to do something. The muses had warned them to be discrete, and there they were—hell, while strolling back to the hotel, he’d even stripped to his rolled shirtsleeves as he had looked while in disguise. They could get caught.

The detective was little more than eight feet away from them now, so close he would notice if Michael pulled Gabby away from the scene.

He swallowed, thinking of something, anything that would conceal their faces.

Inspiration struck and at the same time left him reeling. There was something he could do to have everyone turn from him and Gabby. There was something he could do in public that would usually make civilized people smile, but look away. There was something wonderful he could do.

But should he?

Dare he kiss her?

Or was his ache for her making his mind cloud from reason?

The detective kept walking closer, Gabby kept pulling on his hand, and, Lord, it was all he could think of to do.

He removed his hat. “Forgive me,” was all he could say.

She looked up at him confused, but seeming eager to do anything so Geyer wouldn’t notice them.

Oh, the detective would notice them, but give them space, if not even turn away with what was on Michael’s mind.

He was going to do it.

Forcefully, he pulled Gabby against his body, trying to shield her from Geyer’s view. Simultaneously, he lowered his hat over the side of his face, while he ducked down and swiftly—much too swiftly—planted his lips on hers. 


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